Carpet beetle

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Attagenus unicolor (Carpet beetle)


Any of several small insects of the hide beetle genera Anthrenus, Attagenus and Anthrenocerus. The larvae of the carpet beetles feed on proteinaceous materials, such as Wool, Silk, Fur, Hair, Horn, Skin, Leather, and feathers. The adult carpet beetle is about 4 mm long with black, red and white marking on its back and a white stomach. It deposits eggs in cracks in the floor under the carpet then the developing larvae feed on the carpet. Carpet beetle have a long life cycle. The adults can eat pollen, plants materials, fabrics, fur and feathers. The eggs and larvae can become dormant in cool or dry conditions and resume their growth when the environment improves.

See also Common carpet beetle, Furniture carpet beetle, Varied carpet beetle, and Black carpet beetle.

Carpet beetle

Synonyms and Related Terms

carpet beetles (pl.); Anthrenus; Attagenus; Anthrenocerus; buffalo bug

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