Furniture carpet beetle

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Furniture carpet beetle Anthrenus flavipes


Furniture carpet beetle

A mottled black, white, and yellow beetle, Anthrenus flavipes. The furniture carpet beetle larvae can digest Keratin and primarily eats proteinaceous materials, such as Wool, Silk,Fur, Hair, Horn, skin, Leather, and feathers. The adult insects are about 2 to 3.5 millimeters long. Females lay up to 100 eggs that hatch in 1-3 weeks. The furniture carpet beetle larvae have a dark brown body with yellow tufts and can grow in length to 5 mm. The larval stage lasts 2-3 months at which point a cocoon is formed. The adult hatches in 2-3 weeks and lives for up to 60 days.

damage from Furniture carpet beetle

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