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Roll of Cerex fabric


[CEREX Advanced Fabrics, Pensacola Florida] A registered trademark for a series of spunbond nylon fabrics. Cerex® fabrics are made by heat-bonding continuous filaments of nylon 6,6. The thin, smooth, flat, nonwoven fabrics are available in several weights. They have high tensile strength, excellent tear resistance and are unaffected by most solvents, alkalis, and dilute acids. Cerex® fabrics have been commercially available since 1968. [1]


  • Cushioning

Personal Risks

Cerex® [SDS Sheet]

Collection Risks

May accumulate a static charge.

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Cerex® has high tensile strength, high thermal stability and resistance to most chemicals and solvents.
  • Melting Point = about 260 C


Rolls widths are available up to 120 inches. Fabric weights range from 10 to 68 grams per square yard.

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