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A naturally occurring ore of Chromium. Chromite is composed of oxides of Iron and chromium and may contain Magnesium and Aluminum. Chromite is a black to dark brown color stone with a metallic luster. It looks like Magnetite but has poor magnetic properties. Chromite is found in South Africa, Rhodesia, Cuba, Turkey, the Philippines, India, Japan, Greece, Albania, Russia, Finland, Zimbabwe, western Europe, New Caledonia, Brazil, and the United States (Maryland, Texas, Pennsylvania, California, Oregon, Wyoming, North Carolina).

Synonyms and Related Terms

iron chromite; chrome iron ore; ferrous chromite; Chromeisenstein (Deut.); Chromit (Deut.); chromiet (Ned.); chromita (Port.)



Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Isometric crystal system with octahedral crystals; often granular or compact.
  • No distinct cleavage.
  • Fracture = conchoidal; brittle.
  • Luster = submetallic to metallic.
  • Streak = dark brown.
  • Slightly magnetic.
Composition FeCr2O4
CAS 1308-21-2
Mohs Hardness 5.5
Density 3.6 gml

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