Cloth tape

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Cotton cloth tape


1) A cloth strip, usually Linen or Cotton, coated on one side with an adhesive. The adhesive may be a synthetic pressure sensitive type, such as an acrylic, or it may be a dry, water-activated type, such as Gum arabic or Methyl cellulose. Although the tapes have, in the past, been used for mending torn pages and reinforcing book joints, the tapes may often be difficult to remove and are not recommended for use on art objects (Shelley 1987). Gummed and self-adhesive cloth tapes are also used for hinging mat boards and storage boxes.

2) A thin strip of cloth, without adhesive, used for tying.

Cotton tying tape

Synonyms and Related Terms

1. gummed cloth tape; self-adhesive cloth tape; Filmoplast SH; linen tape; cotton tape; gummed linen tape; cinta de tela (Esp.); 2. cotton typing tape

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