Copper resinate

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The common name for a transparent green glaze containing copper salts of resin acids. Examples of copper resinate layers have been seen on manuscripts dating to the 8th century but it was most commonly used in 15th - 17th c. paintings. Several recipes for copper resinate indicate it is a mixture of Verdigris in Venice turpentine while others describe it as a mixture of verdigris in an oil/resin medium. Current preparation techniques melt natural resins then mix in reactive copper salts such as Copper acetate, Copper hydroxide, copper oxide, or Basic copper carbonate (Kuhn 1993).

Synonyms and Related Terms

cupric resinate; transparent copper green; Kupferresinat (Deut.); résinate de cuivre (Fr.); resinato de cobre (Esp., Port.); resinato di rame (It.)


Copper Resinate.PNG


Copper Resinate, sample 2.PNG


  • Combustible.
  • Decomposes with heat.
  • Turns brown with exposure to short-wave ultraviolet light.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Soluble in ether, oils, and many organic solvents (benzene, chloroform, mineral spirits, etc.). Insoluble in water.

Appears microscopically as irregular, green fragments.

Refractive Index 1.52

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