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A colorless, viscous liquid surface active agent (Surfactant) with a pungent odor. Diethanolamine is used in liquid nonionic detergents, shampoos, cleaners, and polishes. Diethanolamine is also used as an Emulsifier, Dispersant, and Plasticizer in some polymers.

See also Monoethanolamine, and Triethanolamine.

Synonyms and Related Terms

DEA; di(2-hydroxyethyl)amine; 2,2'-iminodiethanol; diethylolamine; bis(hydroxyethyl)amine

Chemical structure


Other Properties

Miscible in water, methanol, acetone. Slightly soluble in ether.

Composition NH(CH2CH2OH)2
CAS 111-42-2
Melting Point 28.0
Density 1.088-1.092
Molecular Weight mol. wt. = 105.2
Boiling Point 270

Hazards and Safety

Combustible. Flash point = 134C. Skin irritant. Toxic by inhalation and ingestion.

International Chemical Safety Card

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