Dimethyl terephthalate

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A colorless, crystalline compound used in the production of Polyethylene terephthalate (polyester) resins, fibers, and films.

Chemical structure

Dimethyl terephthalate.jpg

Synonyms and Related Terms

DMT; dimethyl p-phthalate; dimethyl 1,4-benzenedicarboxylate; dimethyl ester of terephthalic acid


  • Mild irritant.
  • Combustible. Flash point = 153 C
  • ThermoFisher: SDS

Physical and Chemical Properties

Insoluble in water, chloroform, ether, acetic acid. Soluble in hot ethanol, ether and alkalis.

Composition C6H4(COOCH3)2
CAS 120-61-6
Melting Point 140.6 C
Density 1.2 g/ml
Molecular Weight mol. wt. = 194.2
Boiling Point 288 C

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