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Goya etching
MFA# 2002.519


An extremely hard, dark-color, fine-grain stone composed of Corundum (aluminum oxide) naturally colored with Magnetite (black iron oxide). Powdered emery has been used as an Abrasive since ancient times when it was mined from the Greek island of Naxos. Emery is available in several graded particle sizes (from 24 to 240 mesh) and is sold as a powder, coated paper, coated cloth (crocus cloth), coated board, or coated wheels. The finest grades, often called emery flour or jeweler's emery paper, will produce a high polish on Glass, Gemstones, Iron, and Steel. Emery tends to burnish rather than scratch a surface because its particles are rounded rather than angular. The emery used for abrasives comes from Turkey. Emery mined in the United States is used as a filler in nonskid pavement, mats, floors, and stair treads.

Synonyms and Related Terms

black corundum; emery flour; jeweler's emery paper; crocus cloth; émeri (Fr.); esmeril (Esp., Port.)

Physical and Chemical Properties

Mohs Hardness 8.0
Density 3.7-4.3 g/ml


Properties of Common Abrasives

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