Enamel, organic

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Enamel on steel
MFA# 1984.525


Enamel painting
MFA# 1984.749

A smooth, glossy, wear-resistant paint that is either baked or air-dried. Enamel paints, made with an oil, oil-alkyd, oil-resin, or synthetic resin (melamine, epoxy, Cellulose nitrate or urea resin) binder, may be sprayed or painted. For baked finished the paints are typically applied to a metal surface then heated to drive off the solvent and produce a uniform, dense, tough finish. Black baked enamels are commonly called 'Japan' because of their resemblance to the black Oriental lacquer.

Enamel on aluminum
MFA# 1992.61

Synonyms and Related Terms

baked coating; baked enamel; organic enamel; enamel paint; peinture-émail (Fr.); émail organique (Fr.); Japan; Ripolin 

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