Animal skin

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The raw or dressed skin of a small animal such as a pig, Goat, sheep, or calf. A freshly slaughtered skin contains about 65% water and 33% protein (Kuhn 1986). Small amounts of other materials, such as fats, carbohydrates, and minerals, are also present. Tanning chemically changes the skin and makes it resistant to putrefaction (see Leather and Parchment).

See also Buckskin, Calfskin, Capeskin, Deerskin, doeskin, Fish skin, Goatskin, Hide, Kangaroo skin, Kidskin, Lambskin, Lizard skin, Moleskin, Pigskin, Salmon skin, Sealskin, Sharkskin, Sheepskin, and Snakeskin.

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MFA# 97.157

Synonyms and Related Terms

skin; hide; piel (Esp.); cuero animal (Esp.); pele animal (Port.); huid van een dier of dierenhuid (Ned);

Resources and Citations

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