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A manufactured fabric designed to protect, control and/or stabilize soil. Geotextiles are used for soil stabilization, for wind or water erosion control, in road construction, and to develop drainage paths. They are made from polypropylene, polyester, nylon, and acrylic. Most are nonwoven made by spun bonding, fuse bonding or needle punching. For additional information see entries on the following specific types of geotextiles: Drainage fabric, Geomembrane protection fabric, Erosion control fabric, Reinforcement fabric, and Subsurface stabilization fabric.

Synonyms and Related Terms

geotextil (Esp.); géotextile (Fr.); geotêxtil (Port.);drainage fabric; erosion control fabric; geomembrane protection fabric; reinforcement fabric; soil stabilization fabric; geogrid;

Brand names: Fabrisoil; Typar; Mirafi; Terram; Bidim [Solutia];

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