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Toulouse-Lautrec painting
MFA# 40.748


A matte, opaque Watercolor paint that primarily uses Gum arabic, Gum senegal, or Dextrin as a binder. Gouache paints have opaque pigments rather than the transparent pigments used in watercolor paints. Chalk and other white fillers may be added to some colors. Gouache was used for miniature paintings in the 16th-18th centuries. It was also popular for decorative paintings on interior walls and for printing wall paper patterns. Poster paints are an inexpensive version of gouache.

Gouache painted fan
MFA# 43.2081

Synonyms and Related Terms

poster paint; bodycolor; body colour (Br.); Guasch (Deut.); gouache (Fr.); guazzo (It.); guache (Esp., Port.)

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