Green gold

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1) Malleable Gold alloys used in jewelry making. Green gold has a greenish tint that ranges from light to dark due to its relatively high proportion of Silver.

Compositions are:

  • Deep green gold (18K): Gold 75%, Silver 15%, Copper 6%, Cadmium 4%
  • Soft green gold (18K): Gold 75%, Silver 25% (dark green in color)
  • Green gold (18K): Gold 75%, Silver 20%, Copper 5%
  • Light green gold (18K): Gold 75%, Copper 23%, Cadmium 2%
  • Green gold (15K): Gold 62.5%, Silver 33.3%, Copper 4.2%
  • Deep green gold (14K): Gold 58.5%, Silver 37%, Copper 4.5%
  • Green gold (14K): Gold 58.5%, Silver 35%, Copper 6.5%

2) A chloroaniline dye complexed with nickel. See Nickel azo green.

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