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Statue of Osiris
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A British term for a fine-grain, hard sedimentary stone found in Wales and other locations. Greywacke is a gray to blackish stone. It contains particles of quartz or clay cemented with Chlorite, Mica, Epidote, and Calcite. Greywacke is similar in composition to siltstone, but the particles are larger ranging in size from 0.06 - 0.2 millimeters (Aston et al 2000). The tiny grains are barely visible to the naked eye. Greywacke does not have the pronounced layering of Shale and Schist. Greywacke has been used for statuary and sarcophagi.


Synonyms and Related Terms

graywacke; schist; dirty sandstone; Grauwacke (Deut.); grauwacke (Fr., Ned.); grauvaque (Port.);

Physical and Chemical Properties

Particle size 0.06 - 0.2 mm

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