Honeycomb board

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Archival honeycomb board


Archival honeycomb board

Lightweight, strong honeycomb boards are made from Aluminum and/or nonmetallic fabrics, such as Nomex® aramid fiber sheets. The Nomex® sheets are bonded at key points with a thermosetting Adhesive then expanded to form hexagonal cells. The expanded honeycomb is cured into placed is with Phenolic resin. They are lightweight and resistant to fire, water, and biological growth. It is also a good thermal and electrical insulator. The foam core may then be sandwiched with one or more sheets of Paper, Metal, Wood, and/or Plastic. Honeycomb panels with aluminum cores provide a rigid, lightweight and chemically inert support material.

Synonyms and Related Terms

honeycomb panel; honeycomb paper; structural board;

Examples: HRH-10 [Hexcel]; Aeroweb [Ciba-Geigy]; AHN [Advanced Honeycomb Technologies]; Honeycomb HMX-20 [Ciba-Geigy]; Hexcel ACG [Hexcel]; Alucobond

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