Lauric acid

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A fatty acid with a 12 carbon chain. Lauric acid occurs naturally in Coconut oil and Laurel oil. At room temperature, lauric acid is a solid. The waxy compound is used to make alkyd resins, wetting agents, soaps, detergents, and insecticides.


Lauric Acid, Chem Service O-18.TIF

Synonyms and Related Terms

dodecanoic acid; laurostearic acid; dodecoic acid


  • Combustible. Flash point = 112 C.
  • Contact may cause skin and eye irritation
  • CDH Fine Chemicals: SDS

Physical and Chemical Properties

Soluble in benzene and ether. Slightly soluble in ethanol. Insoluble in water.

Composition CH3(CH2)10COOH
CAS 143-07-7
Melting Point 44 C
Density 0.869 g/ml
Molecular Weight mol. wt. = 200.31
Boiling Point 160-165 C

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