Lead drier

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Organic salts of lead used to speed the curing time of drying oils. Lead driers act as a polymerization catalyst, curing the film evenly. It is sometimes mixed with cobalt driers to aid in hardening the lower portions of an oil film. Examples of lead driers are: Lead acetate, Lead linoleate, Lead oleate, and Lead naphthenate. Some lead pigments also act as driers, such as Lead oxide and basic basic lead carbonate. Because of laws banning the use of lead additives, lead driers are no longer commonly used. Replacement driers include salts of Calcium and Zirconium.

Synonyms and Related Terms

siccative; secativo de plomo (Esp.); siccatif base de plomb (Fr.); secativo de chumbo (Port.)


Toxic by inhalation or ingestionSkin contact may cause irritation or ulcers.Carcinogen, teratogen, suspected mutagen.

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