Methyl acetate

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A colorless solvent with a fragrant odor. Methyl acetate is the methyl ester of acetic acid. It is used as a solvent for Cellulose nitrate and as a Paint remover. It is also used in the manufacture of artificial leather.

Synonyms and Related Terms

methyl ester of acetic acid

Chemical structure

Methyl acetate.jpg

Other Properties

Soluble in water. Miscible in ethanol and ether.

Hydrolyzes in water to acetic acid.

Composition CH3COOCH3
CAS 79-20-9
Melting Point -98
Density 0.9279
Molecular Weight mol. wt. = 74
Refractive Index 1.3619
Boiling Point 56.9

Hazards and Safety

Overexposure can cause skin irritation. Ingestion may cause headaches, drowsiness and optical atrophy. May decompose in aqueous solutions to form acetic acid.

Flammable. Flash point = -9C (15F). Fire and explosion risk.

Mallinckrodt Baker: MSDS

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