Nonwoven fabric

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Paper dress
MFA# 2003.135


A cloth prepared from a film sheet or mat of fibers. Nonwoven fabric is usually made from Cotton, rayon, glass, or a thermoplastic synthetic fiber (polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, polyester, etc.). Matted fibers may be held together by physical entanglements, by the addition of a polymer binder, or by heat sealing. Nonwoven fabrics were initially marketed in 1942 and are typically used for disposable clothing, diapers, shoe liners, cleaning cloths, and carpet backing.

Synonyms and Related Terms

non-woven fabric; nonwoven textiles; non-woven textiles; textiles no tejidos (Esp.); Vliesstoff (Deut.); Tyvek® [DuPont]; Cambrelle; Vliesston; ongeweven stof, nonwoven (Ned);

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