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An orange-yellow Arsenic sulfide mineral that can occur as a light induced alteration product of Realgar. Pararealgar has been found in association with realgar in occasional classical artwork, as well as southeast Asian and European paintings. Orange realgar will convert to yellow pararealgar on exposure to light. The differences phases of Orpiment, realgar and pararealgar can be distinguish with Raman spectroscopy.

Synonyms and Related Terms

arsenic sulfide


  • Highly toxic by ingestion and inhalation.
  • Carcinogen and mutagen

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Monoclinic, yellow, prismatic crystals.
  • Fracture=brittle and uneven
  • Luster=vitreous to resinous.
  • Pigment particles are irregular with high relief.
Composition AsS
Mohs Hardness 1.0-1.5
Density 3.52 g/ml
Molecular Weight 106.99
Refractive Index >2.02

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