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RP System™


[Mitsubishi Gas] The RP System from Mitsubishi removes both oxygen and corrosive gases from a sealed environment. Manufactured in Japan and introduced for the first time to North America in 2021, RP System protects a variety of components from oxidation and corrosion. RP System uses a gas barrier bag that withstands oxygen and moisture penetration and a customed RP agent composed of oxygen- and moisture-absorbing compounds. It is available in two formulations: A Type and K Type. The RP system is not the same as Mitsubishi’s Ageless® Oxygen Absorber: RP is faster acting and is effective in a wider range of humidity levels (including extremely dry environments).

  • RP-K: Contains an oxygen scavenger mixed with activated charcoal (to absorb pollutants like SO2, or NH3), Lime and Polyethylene. RP- K Type will remove only the oxygen, it is described as “moisture-neutral” and is recommended for the preservation and anoxic treatment of cultural artifacts.
  • RP-A: Contains an oxygen scavenger mixed with zeolites. RP-A actively absorbs moisture and pollutants. When placed in a sealed barrier bag, the A Type will reduce the RH in the bag to less than 10% in a matter of minutes. The oxygen absorbent will then reduce the oxygen level to extremely low levels within hours. RP A-Type is recommended for the storage of metallic objects, and other objects which will benefit from storage in an extremely dry, oxygen-free atmosphere.

The long term maintenance of these conditions will be dependent on the barrier film used. Mitsubishi recommends the use of either a foil or ceramic barrier film (Escal).

Synonyms and Related Terms

RP System™; RP- K Type; RP A-Type


The absorption process is exothermic.

Forms and Sizes

Both A and K types of RP are available in 300, 500, & 2000 cc capacity. Please note that RP capacity refers to the total volume of air to be treated (unlike Ageless® capacity, which is measured as the volume of oxygen absorbed.) As in the case of Ageless®, the company recommends the additiona of as much as an extra 50% to your estimated volume when treating or storing an object.

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