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Originally used for impure Gold. Later, alchemists used the name regulus for Antimony since it readily formed an Amalgam with gold. By the 1900s, regulus was used for an impure product obtained from ore smelting and has at times been used to refer specifically to just the residual impurities and slag. Regulus of antimony now refers to pure antimony while regulus of Venus refers to a violet color alloy of antimony and Copper (Schur 1985).

Synonyms and Related Terms

regulus of antimony; regulus of Venus; Regulus (Deut.)

Resources and Citations

  • Susan E. Schur, Conservation Terminology: A review of Past & Current Nomenclature of Materials, Technology and Conservation, Spring (p.34-39); Summer (p.35-38); Fall (p.25-36), 1985

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