Rhodamine B

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rhodamine at 100x

A strong, bright red Fluorescent dye. Rhodamine B is a Basic dye that was developed in 1887 by Ceresole. It is used as Textile and Paper dye, as a pigment, and as a staining reagent for the detection of fats and oils. Some oil modified materials such as alkyds and urethanes will also stain with rhodamine (Wolbers et al 1990). Rhodamine B has been used as a fluorescent colorant in inks (ballpoint, printing), wood stains, Distemper paints, and shoe polish.

Absorption and fluorescence emission spectra

Synonyms and Related Terms

Basic Violet 10; CI 45170; tetraethylrhodamine; D&C Red No. 19, Solvent Red 49; Pigment Violet 1 (phosphotungstomolybdic acid salt); Pigment Red 169 (copper ferrocyanide salt); Pigment Red 173 (aluminum salt); Rhodamine (Deut.); Rodamina B (Esp.); rodamina B (Port.); rhodamine B (Fr.)

FTIR 221-0035(MFA)

PV001 sun rhodamine b 221-0035.TIF

FTIR mm0107-dc(MFA)

PV1 rhodamine b (magruder mm0107-dc).TIF

FTIR mm0122-dc(MFA)

Pv1 rhodamine B (magruder mm0122-dc).TIF

FTIR mm1219-dc(MFA)

Pv1 rhodamine B (magruder mm1219-dc).TIF

Raman (MFA)

Rhodamine (Forbes MFA 44) copy.tif





Chemical structure

Rhodamine b.jpg


Pigment number Manufacture Pigment name Manufacture CI number Comments
PV001 Sun rhodamine B 221-0035
PV001 Magruder rhodamine B mm0107-dc
PV001 Magruder rhodamine B mm0122-dc
PV001 Magruder rhodamine B mm1219-dc


  • Carcinogen.
  • Mutagen.
  • ThermoFisher: SDS

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Green crystals or violet powder.
  • Soluble in water, ethanol, polar solvents.
  • Maximum absorption wavelength = 545 nm.
  • Maximum emission wavelength = 625 nm.
Composition C28H31ClN2O3
CAS 81-88-9
Melting Point 210-211 C
Molecular Weight mol. wt. = 478.68

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