Rock crystal

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Roman amphora
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Colorless, transparent Quartz. Rock crystal has been gathered or mined since Paleolithic times. Sources include India, Egypt, Hungary, Spain, Cyprus near Paphos, Kharga oasis, the Alps, and Turkey near Lake Van. Rock crystals were used in rings, bracelets, seals, cups, and carvings. In Egypt, they were also used for the cornea portion of stone eyes in statues and as thin inlays over red cement to simulate Carnelian (Aston et al 2000). Currently rock crystals are used in optical instruments as lens and prisms; in circuitry as piezoelectrical devices; and as a semiprecious Gemstone.

Quartz crystal

Synonyms and Related Terms

rhinestone; quartz crystal; Herkimer diamonds; Pecos diamonds; cristal de roca (Esp.); cristal de roche (Fr;); cristal de roche (Port.); bergkristal (Ned.)



Raman (MFA)

Quartz, collodion slide, 785 nm copy.tif



Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Trigonal crystal system
  • Usually occurs as six-sided prism
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Fracture = conchoidal
  • Luster = vitreous to greasy
  • Streak = white
  • Fluorescence = generally inert
  • Low birefringence
Composition SiO2
Mohs Hardness 7.0
Density 2.65 g/ml
Refractive Index 1.544; 1.553


Natural and Simulated Diamonds

Properties of Common Gemstones

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