Soda glass

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Common name for glass having a high Sodium content. Soda glass has the approximate composition 71-78% SiO2, 12-17% Na2O, 5-15% CaO, and 1-4% other. The soda is added as soda ash (Sodium carbonate), niter (Sodium nitrate) and/or salt cake (Sodium sulfate). The calcium is added as limestone (Calcium carbonate) or burnt lime (Calcium oxide) and the silica is added as sand (Silicon dioxide). Cullet or broken glass, is used as a flux. Soda glass was also called common glass. Common glass often has a green tinge due to Iron impurities in the ingredients.

Synonyms and Related Terms

common glass; soda lime glass; soda-lime glass; soda-lime-silica glass; verre sodique (Fr.); vidro sódico (Port.); standard window glass; Corning 0081; alkali glass

Physical and Chemical Properties

Melting Point 695 C (softens)
Density 2.5
Refractive Index 1.512 - 1.518

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