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[Chemours Company, formerly Dupont de Nemours] A registered trademark for a fluoroelastomer composed of Hexaflouropropylene vinylidene fluoride that was developed by DuPont in 1957. Viton® gasket and seal material is considered a high-performance rubber compound known for its excellent resistance to extreme heat/cold, fuels, chemicals, oils and concentrated acids/alkais. However the cost of Viton® is high, its resilience is low, impact strength is fair and tear strength is limited unless certain compositional measures are taken to improve it. Viton® is often used in appliances, the automotive industry (valve stem seals, transmission seals, powertrain systems), chemical industry, fluid power industry, and the aerospace industry due to its flexibility, reliability, and its ability to perform over a wide temperature range. Fungus, mold, weather, atmospheric oxidation, and sun do not affect fluoroelastomers.

There are a few different grades of Viton based on their fluorine levels. Higher fluorine levels gives a fluoroelastomer greater chemical resistance, but its lower its cold temperature flexibility.

  • Viton “A” (66% fluorine) is great for applications that involve direct sun, severe weather conditions, and oxidation. This rubber gasketing material can also withstand fuels, lubricants, and oils.
  • Viton “B” (68% fluorine) which adds to its ability to resist both concentrated and diluted acids. Upon dry heating, Viton “B” maintains its flexibility and elastic properties. This material is suitable for power generating systems, as it resists sulfur dioxide.
  • Viton “GF” (70% fluorine,) allowing it to surpass both Viton “A” and “B” in chemical resistance. Due to its exceptional fluid resistance and low permeation even in extreme environments, it is designed for industries that use modern lubricants, blended chemicals, and oxygenated fuels.

Synonyms and Related Terms

FKM (ASTM's abbreviation for fluoroelastomer gaskets and seals); FPM (International abbreviation for fluoroelastomer made according to DIN/ISO);

Commercial products: Viton® [Chemours Co.]; Dyneon [3M Dyneon]; Tenoflon [Solvay]; Dai-El [Daikon Industries]; Fluorel® [Fluoroseal]

For general comparison of multiple polymer types, see Gaskets.


  • Case sealing
  • bumper on a shelf
  • O rings for Oddy test jars
  • seal for anoxic (argon) environments (projected 20 year seal)

Collection Risks

  • Viton Chemicals: Viton A-100 SDS
  • one of the only gaskets that is consistently approved for permanent use

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Resistant to aliphatic, aromatic, and halogenated hydrocarbons, concentrated acids, alkalis, animal and vegetable oils.
  • Not resistant to ketones, low molecular weight esters (such as ethyl acetate), or nitro containing compounds.
  • Temperature Range: -18°F to +400°F
  • Pressure Limit: 800 lbs.:
  • Durometer Hardness: 55-90(Shore A)
  • Tensile Strength: 1000-1285 psi
  • Elongation: 200-250%
  • Specific Gravity: 1.88

Working Properties

  • 3M 400 series (4952) (acrylic adhesives) can be used to adhere gaskets; has good Oddy results
  • dense and hard, difficult to compress → might actually force glass/acrylic outward (can work around by adapting case design)
  • adheres well
  • can adhere gasket with Dowsil 7091
  • can also just put in groove between glass and metal for a good seal

Forms and Sizes

  • Color: Black, white (might show grime over time), brown (check on other colors)
  • Finish: Plate, Fabric, Smooth Paper
  • Width: Ribbed style EPDM Sponge Rubber Seal, height of .187" x width of .375"36"
  • Gauge (thickness): 1/32", 1/16", 3/32", 1/8", 3/16", 1/4"
  • extrusions available from: Rainbow Rubber
  • O rings: Fisher scientific, Global O-Ring
  • expensive
  • available as a solid and as a foam
  • can potentially work with company to do a custom extrusion
  • does not come with adhesive on it

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