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A consolidant or varnish that physically binds a powdery material, such as Charcoal or Pastel, to the substrate. A common fixative for charcoal drawings has been a weak alcohol solution of Shellac, mastic, or Sandarac applied with a sprayer or atomizer. However, these resins tend to discolor with age, so current commercially available fixatives contain dilute solutions of synthetic resins such as acrylics, Cellulose nitrate, and Cellulose acetate. Aqueous solutions of Starch, Gum arabic, Funori, and Casein have also been used as fixatives. While fixatives may protect and hold the pigments in place, they can also cause numerous problems over time such as changing the refractive index and gloss, darkening, cracking, and becoming insoluble.

Synonyms and Related Terms

fixatives (pl.); fijativo (Esp.); fixatif (Fr.); fixativo (Port.)

Examples include: Krylon® spray; Duro-Fix; Spray-Fix; Tuffilm; Paper-Cote; Fix-O-Spray; Plasti-Lac; Zapon-lack [Dulux]; Cellit


Potential problems: wax (attracts dirt), natural resins (discolor), casein (insoluble), agar with polyvinyl alcohol (shrinks), Parylene (insoluble), cellulose derivatives (poor adhesion)

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