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MFA# 1971.786



A cryptocrystalline variety of Silica, showing a variegated banded structure and waxy luster. Agate bands are due to the deposition of successive mineral layers from solution and may be either straight, wavy, or concentric. Agate is slightly harder than Quartz. It has been gathered or mined since Neolithic times. Sources for agate include western Asia, India, Brazil, Uruguay, and Germany. Onyx is a type of agate in which the bands are parallel. Sardonyx is a variety of onyx that has alternating red and cream layers. Moss agates contain brown dendritic or fernlike patterns. Agates are used for gemstones, beads, amulets, mortars and pestles, burnishers for gilding, textile rollers, knife edges, and as ornamental stones.


Chalcedony or flint.TIF

Raman (RASMIN)


Synonyms and Related Terms

Achat (Deut.); agat (Dan., Pol.); ágata (Esp., Port.); agathe (Fr.); agaat (Ned.)

Examples include: onyx; sardonyx


  • May contain silica dust; chronic inhalation can cause silicosis.

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Fracture = conchoidal
  • Luster = vitreous to waxy
  • Streak = white to none
  • Colors may include white, grey, light blue, orange, red, and black
  • Fluorescence = generally inert
  • Pleochroism = absent
Composition SiO2
Mohs Hardness 6.5-7.0
Density 2.59-2.61 g/ml
Refractive index 1.535 - 1.539
Birefringence undetectable to 0.004


Properties of Common Gemstones

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