Calico marble

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Calico Marble


A coarse, multicolored breccia Marble quarried along the eastern slope of the Blue Ridge Mountains region of Maryland. Calico marble is composed of Quartz cemented in a calcareous Limestone. The inclusions range widely in size from small sand grains to large (several inches) cobbles. The color of the inclusions are white, yellow, pink, red, brown, and black in a background of dull reddish brown. Calico marble was initially quarried about 1815. It was used for the 20 foot columns in the Old Hall of Representatives in the U.S. Capitol building. The stone, however, was difficult to work and would often crumble. Black wax was used to fill holes from pebbles that broke away. The quarry was shut down in the early 20th century

Synonyms and Related Terms

Frederick County marble; Potomac marble; Potomac breccia

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