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Mastaba chapel wall
MFA# 13.4352


Lintel of Kameni
MFA# 27.1132

A fine-grain, sedimentary rock. Limestone is composed primarily of Calcium carbonate in the form of Calcite or Aragonite. Trace amounts of Dolomite, iron oxide, Quartz, Clay, or organic particles can also be present. Due to these impurities, limestone can vary in color from a cream to yellow to pink to brown to dark gray. Limestone is formed from compressed and cemented seashells and marine animal skeletons (reefs) or reprecipitation (stalactites, stalagmites). It is softer and more easily worked than marble. Chalk is a soft, porous, fine-grain limestone. Coquina is a porous, soft limestone made up of visible shell fragments. Limestone is used as a building stone and for sculpture as well as in the manufacture of Lime, Carbon dioxide, and Cement.

Synonyms and Related Terms

quina; caliza (Esp.); calcaire (Fr.); calcário (Port.); Kalkstein (Deut.); kalksteen (Ned.)




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  • No significant hazard. Noncombustible.
  • Arlweb: SDS

Physical and Chemical Properties

Soluble in acids with the evolution of carbon dioxide gas.

Composition CaCO3
CAS 1317-65-3
Mohs Hardness 3.0 - 4.0
Density 2.1-2.7 g/ml

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