Dry cleaning

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Cardill dry cleaning pad


Dry cleaning involves the removal of dirt and stains from a substrate without the use of aqueous solutions. Papers and textiles that contain water-sensitive dyes and paints may need to be dry cleaned. Some examples of dry cleaning materials are:

1) Stoddard solvent - a flammable petroleum distillate

2) Chlorinated hydrocarbons- such as Tetrachloroethylene

3) Vaclene [DuPont] - a fluorinated chlorinated hydrocarbon

4) Fuller's earth - a powdered Clay which absorbs oils and grease

5) Sodium bicarbonate, Magnesium carbonate

6) Draft clean [GH Smith] - powdered Rubber and other types of erasers

7) Design Artgum eraser - a vulcanized vegetable oil eraser absorbs dirt.

Synonyms and Related Terms

dry cleaning materials; dyr cleaners; chemische Reinigung; nettoyage à sec (Fr.); limpeza a seco (Port.)

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