Epoxy putty

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Epoxy putty/filler refers bulked-epoxy adhesives that, when the components are mixed, will harden at room temperature. Prior to hardening, they typically have a clay-like consistency that can be kneaded, shaped and smoothed. After the epoxy is mixed with a hardener, an exothermic reaction occurs resulting in polymerization into a 'rock hard' compounds that can be sanded, cut, and files. Formulations vary by manufacturers, but common fillers include: Chalk, Kaolin, Fuller's earth or microballoons.

  • Please see Phillyseal R for links to several product websites.

Synonyms and Related Terms

masilla epoxi (Esp.);

Example: Pliacre; Phillyseal R; PC Plumbing; PC Marine; Akabond 621; Aves Fixit; Aves Apoxie Scuplt; EV Roberts RF4010 Resin and RF-Hardener

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