Tungsten halogen

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Halogen lamp


A type of Incandescent lamp first developed in 1959. Tungsten halogen lamps have a Tungsten filament inside a Quartz bulb filled with Halogen. The halogen filled bulbs burn brighter and longer than tungsten lamps filled with inert gases. Tungsten halogen lamps were developed for use as flood lights and spot lights in stadiums, theaters. In recent years, however, most are being replaced by metal halide bulbs which are about 3 times more intense. Tungsten halogen lamps are used for photographic lamps with vidicon cameras because they emit more infrared radiation than tungsten lamps. Halogen lamps have a longer lifetime (about 3000 hours) than other types of normal incandescent lamps.

Synonyms and Related Terms

tungsten incandescent lamp; quartz halogen; halogen lightbulb; halogen lamp


  • Generates heat
  • Can cause burns.

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