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[Shell] A registered trademark for an Insecticide containing Dichlorvos as the active ingredient. Vapona® is available as a spray, solid pellets or pest control strips. The strips contain the insecticide dichlorvos coated on a waxy strip encased in a polyvinyl chloride cage-like housing. The dichlorvos slowly evaporates from the strips over a period of 3-4 months providing local area fumigation. Vapona® strips are designed to kill flying insects, such as moths and flies. The use of dichlorvos was restricted in the U.S. in 1995.

See also Dichlorvos, and Vaportape®.

Synonyms and Related Terms

dichlorvos; vapor pest strip


  • May corrode metal in confined spaces.
  • Skin contact is toxic
  • Bayer Healthcare: Vapona SDS

Resources and Citations

Henckel: Vapona website

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