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[Hercon Environmental] A registered trademark for a plastic strip Insecticide containing dichlorvos as the active ingredient. Vaportape® is a multilayer polyvinylchloride plastic strip that is impregnated with the insecticide dichlorvos. The dichlorvos slowly evaporates from the strips over a period of 3-4 months providing local area fumigation. The strips are designed to kill flying insects such as boll weevils, moths, mosquitoes, and flies. Dichlorvos is restricted for outdoor use only and the tape is the only method for dispensing allowed in the U.S. since 1995.

See also Dichlorvos, and Vapona®.

Synonyms and Related Terms

dichlorvos; vapor pest strip


  • May corrode metal in confined spaces.
  • Skin contact is toxic
  • Bayer Healthcare: SDS

Resources and Citations

Hercon: Insecticides

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