Autosol Metal Polish

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Autosol Metal polish


[Autosol LLC, Otto Durst & Co.] A trademark for a series of metal polishes that were first developed in 1929 by Otto Durst, a German metalworker, for cleaning ornamental fences. Autosol® Metal Polish is a white, abrasive paste designed to remove rust and oxides from metal. The polish contains a fine-grain Aluminum oxide powder dispersed in aqueous soap solution with small amounts of solvent, oil, and ammonia. The cleaner produces a high gloss finish. After polishing, some pieces may have a thin residual oil film and/or white powder in cracks. Solvol Autosol® has been used to polish Aluminum, Stainless steel, Brass, Copper, chrome, and Nickel. It has also been used for polishing Ceramic, Glass, Marble, Opal, Ivory, and plastic fills (Epoxy and polyester). It is not recommended for electroplated surfaces, Wood, Leather, or non-stick coatings, such as Teflon®. More recently, the company has started providing other products to clean leather, glass, and plastic.

Products include:

  • Autosol® Metal Polish Superfine
  • Autosol® Gold and Silver Polish
  • Autosol® Anodized Aluminum Polish
  • Autosol® Stainless Steel Polish
  • Autosol® Chrome and Metal Polish

Synonyms and Related Terms

Solvol Autosol; Solvar Autosol (sp); Sovol Autosol (sp); Autosol® Metal Polish Superfine; Autosol® Gold and Silver Polish; Autosol Chrome and Metal Polish


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