Copper green

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Copper green glaze
MFA# 50.879


1) A pale blue green Pigment made from copper salts (Bucher 1996).

2) A generic term used when XRF analysis determines that a green color pigment contains copper. In this case the term can refer to Malachite as well as copper trihydroxychlorides (Atacamite, Paratacamite, Clinoatacamite, Botallackite), copper acetates (Verdigris), copper sulfates (Antlerite, Brochantite) and others (Tyrolite, Veszelyite).

Synonyms and Related Terms

copper salts

Resources and Citations

  • Ruth Siddall, 'Mineral Pigments in Archaeology: Their Analysis and the Range of Available Materials' Minerals Vol 8, p. 201 (2018). Link
  • Dictionary of Building Preservation, Ward Bucher, ed., John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York City, 1996

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