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A unique class of componds that originate in living cells and are capable of catalyzing specific chemical reactions in other organic compounds. More than 1000 enzymes have been identified. Most are proteins, but a few newly discovered ones are ribonucleic acids. Enzymes are classified by the types of reactions they catalyze:

1) Hydrolases (proteolytic enzymes) accelerate reactions with water,

2) Oxidoreductases regulate oxidation and reduction reactions usually by acting as an oxygen acceptor or donor,

3) Transferases aid in the transferring of specific functional groups,

4) Lyases remove or add specific functional groups,

5) Ligases combine one or more molecules and

6) Isomerases can racemize compounds.

Enzymes have long been used for fermentation and more recently have been used to remove stains and to breakdown and solubilize otherwise insoluble materials.

Synonyms and Related Terms


Examples: Amylase, Carboxylase, Cellulase, Cholinesterase, Chymotrypsin, Invertase, Lipase, Maltase, Pepsin, Protease, Rennin, Ribonuclease, Trypsin, Urease, Zymase

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