Ice melter

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Landscapers Choice, ice melter bag


Landscapers Choice, ice melter on steps

Any of several products that contain a mixture of salts or other water soluble compounds used to melt ice from roads, sidewalks, and airplane wings. Solutions lower the freezing point of water by disrupting the formation of the crystalline structure of water. Examples are:

Synonyms and Related Terms

deicer; deicing salts; de-icing salts;

Examples: Melt ice; Antarcite; Ice-A-Way (NaCl); Fast Melt (KCl, NaCl, urea); Hot Stuff (CaCl2); Safe Step (KCl, NaCl, urea); Ice Wizard; Polar Express (CaCl2, NaCl, KCl); Qik Joe (CaCl2); Prestone Driveway Heat; Flugzeugenteisung (Deut.)

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