Organometallic compound

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A class of substances in which the molecules contain at least one metal-to-carbon bond. Organometallic compounds containing lead, tin, zinc, and mercury are used commercially. For example, Organotin compounds, are used as herbicides, pesticides, stabilizers for Polyvinyl chloride, and flame retardants. Mercurials, such as methylmercury and Phenylmercuric chloride, caused severe environmental problems after they were used as herbicides. Diethylzinc has been used in the vapor-phase to neutralize acids and deposit an Alkaline reserve in archival materials. Tetraethyl lead was once used as an antiknock agent in gasoline but is now restricted since combustion releases lead particulates into the atmosphere.

Synonyms and Related Terms

organo-metallic; metallo-organic; organometalloid; composé organométallique (Fr.)

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