Brilliant yellow

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An unstandardized pigment name.

1. Brilliant yellow was used for Naples yellow and for a mixture of Cadmium yellow with either Lead white or Zinc white. This yellow mixture is very toxic and no longer in use.

2. Brilliant Yellow is also a brand name used for a synthetic Disazo dye developed in 1886 by F. Bender and G. Schulz. It is used to directly dye Cotton, [[rayon fiber|rayon], Flax, and Paper fibers.

Synonyms and Related Terms

2) Direct Yellow 4; CI 24890; amarillo brillante (Esp.); giallo brillante (It.)

Chemical structure



Physical and Chemical Properties

2) Soluble in water. Max abs. at 497 nm. pH indicator dye (6.6=yellow to 8.0=orange).

Composition 2) C26H20N4O8S2
CAS 2) 3051-11-4

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