Naval Jelly Rust Dissolver

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Naval Jelly


[Loctite] A registered trademark for a commercial rust remover. Naval Jelly contains Water (65-70%), acid phosphoric acid (25-30%) and acid sulfuric acid (1-3%) in a gel matrix composed of a thixotropic polysaccharide (1-3%), alcohol isopropanol (1-3%), Surfactant (1-3%) and Silica (0.1-1%). The phosphoric acid dissolves the Rust (iron oxide) and then reacts to form phosphate iron phosphate. The iron phosphate provides a thin protective coating to minimize further oxidation. For treatment with Naval Jelly , the pink gel is brushed on the metal surface, allowed to stay for 5-20 minutes, then rinsed off. The acids are then neutralized with a bicarbonate baking soda paste. In addition to removing rust, Naval Jelly is used to prepare Iron and Steel surfaces for painting.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Naval Jelly Rust Remover

Other Properties

Soluble in water. pH = 1

White residue after use is due to salts and can be removed with water and baking soda.

Hazards and Safety

Corrosive. Contact will irritate and burn tissues. Leaving Naval Jelly on a surface longer than 15 minutes can result in pitting.

Permatex Industrial Corp.: MSDS

Additional Information

Loctite: Naval Jelly Website

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